Information, Education and Communication (IEC) for promoting behaviour change and to encourage and sustain positive healthy behaviours among individuals and communities is the cornerstone of HIV programme.

IEC activities have made significant progress and the emphasis has shifted from awareness-generation to behaviour change. Strategic Communication plays a vital role in addressing the whole spectrum of the HIV programme from prevention, treatment to care and support. Building on the lessons learnt, IEC is integrated with all programme components with the objective of HIV prevention and increasing utilization of services in NACP.

Information, Education, and Communication (IEC), has been and continues to be a major part of the HIV prevention and care activities. In the absence of a vaccine or a cure, prevention is the most effective strategy for the control of HIV / AIDS. IEC is the tool of behavior change by combined use of mass media, traditional and interpersonal media having the effect of behavior change and de-stigmatizing HIV/ AIDs.

Education and Communication (IEC) programme is designed to create awareness and influence individual behaviour. IEC activities are formulated taking into consideration the diverse cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds of different communities across the Islands.


  • To impart correct knowledge, information and education in controlling the epidemic by integrating programmes for prevention, care, support and treatment.
  • Increase safe behavioural practices and knowledge about HIV/AIDS / STI among the high risk group, bridge population and general population.
  • To create awareness about the facilities available in the island such as, ICTCs, STD Clinics, Condom availability, and about safe Blood & Blood products.
  • To create inter personal activity for adolescent, migrants, rural people and sex workers.
  • To create positive environment for the People Living with HIV/AIDS and removal of stigma and discrimination against them.
To achieve the above objective Andaman and Nicobar AIDS Control Society continues to adopt a proactive approach with a clear and multi-pronged effort for Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS.
Various platforms used for IEC activities are mass media both audio & print, social media, outdoor, hoardings, banners, trainings, workshops etc.

  • Publicity and awareness in Print Media (Local newspapers & Electronic media (AIR, DDK,Cable network).
  • Out Door Media- Hoarding, Banner, Stickers on bus, auto, Signage board.
  • IEC print materials- Leaflets, vinyl board, posters, booklets on HIV- AIDS.(distributed throughout A & N Islands.
  • Youth – Adolescent Education Programme in schools & Red Ribbon Club in colleges.
  • Mid media: Folk performances and IEC van.
  • Main streaming and Advocacy meeting with officials from various Govt. Depts.., private organizations etc.